Let’s assume that you are an Advertiser, running an online ad campaign, having a goal at any stage of the purchase funnel.

In this article, I will help to understand how you define your KPIs for your online Ad campaign goals and I did my best to make you understand step by step. After reading this article, I’m confident worth enough for your time spent here.

Let’s start.

Advertiser Goals can be classified based on purchase funnel.KPI means Key Performance Indicator. It is selected based on the goal of your advertising campaign that you are running and can be measured using these KPIs for every campaign you are running.

Awareness or Branding:

  • If you are completely new to the market,then this stage is very useful
  • In this stage of Purchase funnel, you can focus on increasing brand awareness of your product or services that you are offering to your audience

Recommended KPIs at this stage: 

CPM = Cost per Mile Impressions

CPE = Cost per Engagement

CPV = Cost per View

CPIAVC = Cost per impression audible and visible at completion

%VIewability = Viewability of Product

Not recommended KPIs are CPA, CPC, CTR etc

Choosing Inventory Method of Purchasing at this stage:

Audience Guaranteed

Private Market Place (Private Auction, Preferred Deal)

Programmatic Guaranteed

Targeting Options to choose:

Broad Targeting is preferred



Social Engagements

Predictive Targeting

Location Based


Custom Affinity Audiences

Network to Choose: (Few listed for your understanding and please research for more)

Google Display Network

Social Formats: Instagram Stories, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin


Email Marketing

Ad Formats:

Image Ads

High Impact Ads


Youtube – Bumper Ads

YouTube Instream


Most common KPI’s as per the channel

1.Display: Viewable CPM (vCPM), CPC, CTR, CPA, ROAS

2.Rich Media: CTR, CPC, Engagement Rate, Reach, Cost per unique users, Unique reach etc

3. In-app Display: vCPM, CTR/CPC, CPA, Cost per Install, ROAS

4. VOD: vCPM, Completion rate, CPCV, Engagement rate, Reach/cost per unique users

5. Audio: LTR (Listen thru rate), Reach/Cost per Unique users


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