SMM – Social Media Marketing

MRAID -MObile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition
CTR – Click Through Rate
CPM – Cost per Thousand/mille
eCPM – Effective CPM
vCPM – Cost per thousand (viewable)
RPM – Revenue per Thousand
CPA – Cost per Acquisition
CPD – Cost per Day
CPC – Cost per Click
CPCV – Cost per Completed View
CPV – Cost per Visit
CPI – Cost per Install
CPR – Cost per Register
VAST – Video Ad Serving Template
SOV – Share of Voice
S2S – Server to server
VOD – Video on demand
SSP – Supply Side Platform
DSP – Demand Side Platform
DMP – Data Management Platform
PMP – Private Marketplace
RTB – Real-Time Bidding
ATF – Above the Fold
BTF – Below the Fold
ROI – Return on Investment
VTC – View Through Click
CR – Completion Rate
C2V – Click to Visit
VTR – View through Rate
RFP – Request for Proposal
IO – Insertion Order
CTA – Call to Action
DFP – DoubleClick for Publishers now Google Ad Manager
AdX – Google’s Ad Exchange
GA – Google Analytics
GPT – Google Publisher Tags
DCM – DoubleClick for Campaign Manager
URL – Uniform resource locator
USP – Unique selling proposition
XML – Extensible Markup Language
HTML – Hyper text Markup Langauge
JS Tag – Java Script tag


Online Advertising Professional, Aims to create a platform to fill the gap in Education System

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