Step by Step Procedure of Campaign Setup in AUDIOMATIC 

Step 1: Login to Audiomatic
Step 2: You will be landing into this page where it shows various options available at TOP of dashboard 






Step 3: At the top right corner, you can find +Creative New Button,

Click on it to create

  • Order
  • Advertiser
  • Programmatic Campaign
  • Guaranteed Campaign


Step 4: If you want to create a new Advertiser click on “Advertiser” Or

If you already have created the Advertiser you can skip this step and go to step 5

Enter below details as per the details required for Advertiser in Advertiser settings

  1. Advertiser Name *
  2. Contact Name*
  3. Email-adress”
  4. Advertiser domain”
  5. Advertiser Categories
    • Under this you can select under which category this Advertiser belong
    • Here you can find few IAB categories for your understanding purpose
      • Arts & Entertainment
      • Home Garden
      • Law, Govt & Politics
      • and so on
  6. If you want to track Attribution actions you wish to track for this Advertiser, you can use the various options available under “Attribution” Options
    1. Example : Page Visit 1, Home page, Info request and so on
    2. If you want to add multiple options, click on Add action under it and selet second one and continue likewise
    3. Whatever the action you select will generate pixel and this pixel need to be inserted in the webpage that advertiser wish to track
  7. Finally, you will find “Advanced Settings” Option, where you can enter the comments and any reference id


Step 5: If you want to create a new Order click on “Order” or

If you already have created the Order you can skip this step and go to step 6

  1. Order: Enter the name of your Ad Campaign
  2. Advertiser : Select under which Advertiser you want your campaign to sit
    • Even here you have option to create New Advertiser 
  3. Date rage
    1. You have option for end date where you can select “no end date” which means that this Order will run until you pause or Budgets consumes
  4. Agency Margin
  5. Objective Type: Select how you want to run the 
    1. whether with total Budget in hand r
    2. Want to meet target impressions
  6. Budget Goal: Enter the value 
  7. Once you enter the Goal you can see below 
    1. Booked goal: Out of toal order budget how much allocated to low level 
    2. Remaining Goal : Leftover Order budget after allocating budget to low level hierarchy
  8. You can also choose allocating budget qually option
  9. Advanced settings
    1. Add Frequency Capping which limits for Overall Ad campaign 
  10. External Reference: Enter any random id over which is used in reporting

Finally, You are done with Order level setup in Adswizz

At the end you have option

Save and Create Campaign : Leads to Saving this order and you will be landing into new campaign creation page

Save Order: Only saves this Order

Step 6: Congrats, you have already created order, then we shall move to create campaign

Follow below steps to create Campaign which is low level Hierarchy

  1. Select “Order Campaign”
  2. + Create New Campaign
  3. You can see dashboard with 4 steps to compete “campaign” setup
    • Campaign settings
    • Create Ads
    • Create targeting rules
    • Summary


Campaign settings:

a) Order details:

 Select the Order under which you want to create the campaign

You will have options to creating new order or editing existing selected order

b) Campaign settings:

Campaign Name*

Campaign Type * 

Publisher goal: If you Switch on this option, which means that you are willing to show your ads to selected publisher with x% of goal and remaining percentage will be delivered to other publishers selected int he targeting rules


If you select ABCD Publisher, and given 80%, which means that 80% of total impression will be delivered to this selected ABCD publisher and remaining 20% will delivered to the other publishers

Inventory package: Choose only if you running a deal

Flight dates: Be cautious with start immediately option where the campaign immediately start once the order is live.

So choose the flight dates carefully

Objective type

Budget goal: Enter the budget you want to allocate for this particular campaign under this Order

Max CPM Bid: Enter the Rate

Daily budget : Select if you want to allocate daily budget

Campaign Pacing: Select the priority as per the campaign requirement

Also Pacing type : Evenly or ASAP

Advanced Setting: Select the categories, add comments, give external reference 

Create Ads: Click create ads to immediately landing to creative section or else select Save campaign as Draft

c) Create ads

Under the New ads

  1. Name *
  2. Type : Select Audio
  3. Ad Format: Classic Audio
  4. Select any one option from below
    1. Upload Audio creative : If you have direct creative with you, you can drag and drop the creative file or you can browse
    2. Missing creative: Select it if you want to create campaign without creative so that you can add it when it is ready with you
  5. Ad Duration: Add the duration of Audio creative
  6. Active: Switch if you want to activate the ad and will serve if above levels are active
  7. Sequential Order: If you have multiple ads you can use this option to to run in sequence roder
  8. 3rd Party Tracking and Arbitrary data; (optional)
    1. Tracking type
      1. 3rd party impression tracking URL
      2. HTML tracking
    2. Tracking URL box: Enter the tracker here
  9. Advanced Settings
    1. Ad weight:
    2. Ad frequency campaign : Add frequency for this Campaign level
      1. You can also add multiple frequency setting to cap delivery as want
  11. External Reference 


d)  Targeting rules:

Once we create ads we step into this section 

You can apply multiple targeting rules as OR operation

Which means that you set the campaign targeting to match multiple rules and ad will deliver if it matched any one of the given targeting rules

Let’s see how it happens

Targeting 1:

  1. Select your ads* 
    • Here you can select for which Audio creative you want to set this targeting rule for 
    • You can select multiple ads
  2. Select Supply *
    1. Either Publisher or Zones can be selected here
    2. If you select “Publisher Zones” you can add one more publishers here 
      • Select thepublisher and click on apply
      • You can also find All zone position options (optional)
        • To choose position of inventory like post roll, mid roll, pre roll 
        • Ad the publishers are also listed as per your selection
  3. Define targeting (optional)
    • But recommended to choose targeting as per the campaign requirement
    • You can find various targeting like
      • Geo
      • Device
      • Date & Time
      • Podcast
      • Adswizz Data
      • Imported data
      • Contextual data
      • Inventory targeting
      • Data
      • Advanced
    • Once you select any of the above options it shows either to include or exclude
    • AND operation here refers to adding other targeting as well so that whenever the request matched all the given targeting only served
  4. Once you create Targeting rule 1, you will find below OR operation

            Here you can another targeting rule as we discussed earlier

  • At the top right of the targeting rule, you can either copy the rule or delete it

One you complete providing all the details you can either 


Save Campaign as Draft

Here you end up with all the campaign setup and review before uploading


When you active the Order, make sure that campaign level are also in active state to start delivering


Creative Studio: in the main menu, Where you can upload creative


Insights In Audiomatic:

Once the campaign starts delivering you can see numbers in different places to analyze

Campaign stats:

Shows how the campaign delivered on each day

  • Choose metric
  • At the topic right corner you can find Fight dates to change
  • Either you can analyze single metric or multiple metrics
  • At the bottom you can find the all the details of delivered impressions and other metrics


Delivery insights: this option you can find after Ads

    1. Add widgets as per the requirement and see the delivery and performance
    2. Age
    3. Genre
    4. Gender
    5. Behavioral segments
    6. Device  and so on

You will also find custom reports where it take you to reporting section


Go to REPORTS section in the Main dashboard

    • You can find both Dimensions & Metrics on the Left
    • At right side, you can add find Fliters and table section
      • In the dimensions section, if you want to add as filter you can click on filter symbol it gets automatically added to the filter section
      • If you click on Split symbol it gets Automatically added to table
      • Then select the metrics you required
      • Selct any metrics like Impressions, Spend 
    • Now click RUN → symbol so that reports runs here and show in the dashboard
    • There is an option at the top : SAVE AS TEMPLATE
      1. Where you can save the given dimensions and merics as template so tha you can choose it in future to avoid manual adding the same ones
    • Schedule option where you can schedule the report
      1. Name*
      2. Flight date
      3. Frequency: 
        1. Whether you want daily, weekly, monthly
      4. Enter the Recipients*
    • Export : Download the report by click on it




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