For Any Dimension,

  • High performers are with
    • high CTR
    • High conversions
    • Lower CPMs,
    • Low CPC
    • Lower CPVs (video)
    • High VTR
    • High Viewability etc
  • Low performers are with
    • Low impressions, Low CTRs, Low engagements, low Completion rate(video), Low conversions, less Viewability

Consideration Stage


In terms of Apps/URLs, you already have the awareness data.

Find out sites on which your ads are already shown and give Importance to them.

How to check which sites can be in this consideration stage.

1. Pull the report including Apps/site dimension and other performance metrics.

2. Sort impressions higher to lower, remove sites with least served impressions around 10% to 30%.

3. From the remaining sites with enough numbers of impressions were ads served on them, it’s time to check what are all the sites meeting KPIs

4. You can use this to find which URLs have received more clicks or conversions for Display, VTR, or conversions for Video.

4. Also, check other performance metrics Viewability (display and video) for sites. Highlight Sites with higher impressions, low viewability, and no conversions too

5. For Expensive sites, bid lower and you can use automated bidding with Max CPM


Influence Consideration stage

Give more importance to the sites on which your ads were already shown

1) Pull the report with
Filter: Advertiser, IO
Dimensions: Apps/URLs
Metrics: Conversions (clicks or activities), Active View metrics*: % Eligible, % Measurable, % Viewable

2) Identify the sites with highest viewability and conversions (clicks or actions)

3) Identify low performing sites which don’t have conversions and not viewable

– sites with less than 30% viewability and with higher costs, but no conversions

4) Sites with large percentage of impressions and few actual conversions



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