Computer scan is broadly classified by their size, form-factor, purpose speed and computing power.

S.No. Type Specifications
1 PC (Personal Computer) or Micro-Computers It is a single user computer system having a moderately powerful microprocessor.

It is termed as a computer that is equipped microprocessor as its CPU.

2 Workstation It is also a single user computer system, similar to the personal computer, however, has a more powerful microprocessor.
3 Mini-Computer It is a multi-user computer system, capable of supporting hundreds of users simultaneously.
4 Main Frame It is a multi-user computer system, capable of supporting hundreds of users simultaneously. Software technology is different from minicomputer.
5 Super-Computer It is an extremely fast computer, which can execute hundreds of millions of instructions per second.
  • Storage Unit
  • ALU Stand for
  • CU Stand for
  • Input Devices
  • Under stand Each set of hardward in combinatin
  • Understand other term for eacny hardware
  • Undersand Decimal and BInary formas and numbers
  • most popular schemes for representing alphabets, numbers and special symbols in binary language ASCII
  • Differential Engine
  • World’s first real computer was
  • In 1834, Charles Babbage built a machine that is called as
  • Who built First world’s University real computer
  • DEC
  • IBM Stands for
  • Zeroth Generation of computer period is
  • Which company developed the first
  • In the second generation of computer what is the popular programming language
  • The Major milestone in the 3rd Generation of computer history
  • IBM Built first PC in which year
  • Micro computers was soon called as
  • DOS
  • Who is the chief of Microsoft
  • Which of the following are computer feature
  • example of a ______ Instruction generation (programming) language (1GL)
  • FORTRAN is a ______ Generation Language
  • _______ translates and executes program at run time line by line
  • _________ is an OOP principle
  • COBOL is widely used in _______ applications
  • The Concept of virtual machine is used in ________(language)
  • The ____ uses the lnaguage of 0 and 1
  • ________ translates a assembly language (Assembler
  • Ultimately computer only understand the _____
  • The step-by step description of an activity is called as
  • The visual form of an algorithm is called as
  • An error in a program is also called as
  • ______ helps us discover error in program
  • The diamond symbol in a flow chart is used to show a
  • Structured program shouldn’t use ______ statement
  • The __________ phase in a software development life cycle follows the analysis phase
  • The diamond symbol in a flow chart is used to show
  • The last step in software development Life cycle is
  • If multiple programs can execute at the same time, it is _____________ operating system
  • If Operating system provides Quick attention, it is _____________ operating system
  • ___________ operating system uses network facility ?
  • Format command in MS-DOS is used for ________
  • Which communication between two or more computers involves a number of entities in between computers


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