• In Video campaigns, choose small size video players along with large players too. Because most of the advertisers focus only on large players which are on the desktop rather than another. In order to Increase reach in video campaigns, all available players should be targeted
  • You may notice video creative is not serving even though the line is receiving a lot of Bid requests. In this case if you think video creative is lacking certain video transcodes, Once, please make sure that at least MP4, WebM and FLV formats are available in multiple Bitrates and Resolutions
  • When creative is not directing to actual landing page but they are redirecting to google.com, you might think that clicktag URL might hard coded in the creative. Best Practice to use in this case is to use the HTML5 validator for uploading Creatives or Easy Tag for Ad Tags to check the Creative.
  • You noticed CM Audiences are not available in DV360 even though, CM is synched with DV360. In this case please verify, respective floodlight is actually implemented and live
  • If you notice DMP is sending user list in bulk in large numbers but you see very less numbers in DV360. You might be thinking that loos is due to failing cookie matching. In this case, make sure to see DMP is using the same lookback window for counting as DV360


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