Advertiser means a person or a company that advertises a product, service, or event

To understand more about advertisers. Let’s cover some basic concepts

Lets cover this with an example.

  • Someone has an idea of an Online store.
  • They developed that idea and created a product called as website
  • To make a business out of it with the product, they need a Company
  • So company is an Organization which consists of People, Process and Technology
  • If you take any company that falls under one industry, in this case it is e-commerce
  • Industry refers to combination of these companies which works on same line of business


Let’s discuss all these one by one



  • As already said, it is a group of Organizations dealing with similar business. It covers the companies
  • For example, Volkswagen is a company where it belongs to Automotive Industry. Unilever is a company it belongs to Consumer Goods industry
  • Industry is a line of Production Activity. Any number of people or companies can start an industry


So, what about the Company?

  • It is made up of people who work with you
  • It is an organisation dealing in particular type of business or many vertices
  • It just like an Artificial person in the eyes of law
  • As discussed, Volkswagen is a company whereas Automotive is an industry
    Unilever is a company and it comes under Consumer Goods industry


So what is Product here ?

  • It can be defined as an object or system made available for consumer use as per wiki
  • Any goods, services, or idea can be called as product in the market
  • It is sold to consumer in exchange for money
  • Every product has its own identity, size, color, brand name, Shape, packaging, Features and Price
  • A product always exist to fulfill customer needs
  • One of Products of Volkswagen are Automobiles
    Personal care is one of the product for unilever
  • Adding to previous points, a single product may have the same features and Benefits. Based on this there exists a competition between brands where consumers decide which one to choose
  • A Product can be placed at the center of marketing Program
  • Products plays Major role in determining overall success of marketing efforts


Now let’s understand what exactly Brand means

  • A Brand consists of Name, symbol, Design, Slogan and Logo
  • Brand helps to distinguish from other products and services and make product unique from others
  • Brands have their own identity which reflect the Brand’s uniqueness with differentiation and value
  • One of the brand of Volkswagen is Audi and for Unilever one of the Brand is Dove
  • For example, Audi is an Automobile product, if you say about its features and other details, that means you are just knowing about this product. You can add something which helps to meet customers emotional needs. Brand is useful. Here Audi’s slogan is “Being Ahead through Technology” tell about it’s brand uniqueness and about how this product is better than others in the market
  • In simple words to understand, Companies makes the products and consumers make Brands
  • Brands are the assets of the company
  • Without a Product there is no need for a Brand



  • Advertisers are individual or have their companies, products, brands etc.
  • Advertisers are who Spends money to advertise their products to get other people to see them
  • Every Advertiser have their own Internal marketing departments but depends on how large or small advertiser is
  • Also advertisers use their in house or Agency services
  • Advertiser have marketing objectives with a mix at each stage of Purchase funnel
  • They focus on Return on Investment
  • The always likely to achieve goal and also Budget spend full in time
  • Example:
  • Don’t forget to mention your favorite brand!

Based on Various factors, Advertisers can be divided into Large Advertisers and small Advertisers

Large Advertisers

  • They have multiple Products and larger team in various sections
  • With various departments, Large advertisers can able to reach their products to a worldwide audience
  • They have a huge budget to spend on various media channels include Traditional and Digital
  • The Build an Audience worldwide at a large scale every year and always tried to maintain
  • They advertise their products online with multiple Media Formats
  • These advertisers maintain Direct relationships with Top Publishers for premium inventory
  • They can track and have the data to understand customers at Every Stage of the Purchase Funnel

Small Advertisers

  • Small Advertisers are more personal and have limited resources
  • They spend less budget when compared with large advertisers
  • Small advertiser use ad networks like Google Ads to reach an audience with their flexible budget
  • Unlike Large Advertisers, these advertisers use fewer media channels


Advertisers run campaigns with all the details in hand to reach their goals for that period of time.

  • They make advertisements ready for the campaign, along with that they choose media channels, Planned budget, fixed flight dates, defined targeting also with agreed rate to purchase the ad inventory
  • All these are to achieve a similar goal of the Advertiser

Let’s take an example of campaign details

  • Ads are banner ads with two sizes
  • Media channel is display advertising,
  • The budget is around 1M
  • Flight dates are May 1st to 10th
  • The targeted audience is related to Food, sports, for US region around 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Rate is $2 CPM
  • These are the various Ad formats available for advertising
    Banner, Native Ads, Interstitial, Mobile, Video, Audio, Skin Ads, Connected TV, DOOH

Advertiser can target Devices like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV, Voice Devices

Advertiser use various trackers such as Impression Tracker, Clicks Tracker, Conversion Tracker, Floodlight pixels

  • Various targeting options available for Advertisers in Ad Tech platforms
  • BRAND SAFETY and many other

We shall discuss all these targeting options in detail in future posts

Advertisers can choose different pricing models like

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • vCPM
  • CPA
  • CPV
  • CPE
  • CPI



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