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While creating the content of this Programmatic Advertising topic, one thing that comes to mind is From where and which topic I need to choose to start with?

If I directly begin the Programmatic Topics it might create confusion for you or might not connect a few of the concepts As most of the Topics are interrelated to one another.

To make it simple, I created topics that will be covered initially in this course that will definitely lay a foundation for main topics to understand from basics which helps everyone.

In the previous introduction posts, We have given a complete overview of
What is Programmatic Advertising,
Why it is the future of Digital Advertising,
What are the Career Opportunities in this sector,
Course topics and so on

If you haven’t read our previous introduction posts, please do watch to get an idea of Programmatic Advertising and what you’re learning about

This is the simple view of the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem and it is a group of interconnected networks which includes key Players, and Ad-Technology platforms that are interconnected to each other

This seems to be too complex right?

But trust me this is not that complex as you think. We will learn and understand about each player and ad technology platforms in future videos

So to start with, I am going to cover this post with one basic concept of a Product that connects each player and ad tech platforms in the ecosystem


First, let us Understand the term PRODUCT

PRODUCT is a Goods, service or idea that can be offered to a market that fulfill the customer need or wants
For example, consider an apple is Good. It has physical existence that means you can see, touch and taste the product transfer of ownership from the seller to the customer is possible here

An example of service is Teaching or renting space
that aren’t physical, but user or customer can only experience it
Transfer of ownership is not possible here once delivered from seller to buyer

Example of Ideas is Copyright, Patents, etc
We can call this intellectual property and For every idea can also have a commercial value
An idea can be sold and bought as an idea only

Let’s assume that You purchased an apple from a physical marketplace

In this process, there is a seller and buyer. From the seller, a Product called apple is sold to the buyer and in exchange, money is returned by the buyer to the seller. The concept of product is very important because any transaction happens only because of the product. In this case, it is an Apple.


In a similar way, In PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING ECOSYSTEM there exists a seller, buyer and product.

So, the reason why we need to understand the concept of Product of the Ecosystem is because any terms we use like selling or buying, buyer, seller, etc others are based on the product in the ecosystem.

But what is the product here?

Can you guess ??

The product is Advertising Inventory or Ad Inventory
Or ad space or ad slot


Advertiserting inventory is a service-based product which we cannot touch or does not have physical existence but can be measured in numbers once job is done

It is just like your own land where some portion of land is occupied by your own properties (in this case it is content) and you will leave some land spaces for rent (Ad Inventory here). Someone lives in the rented space and pays per amount of time they spent over there. Likewise, in Ad Inventory, someone likes advertisers buys that ad inventory for a certain period of time and place their ad over here.

Ad Inventory or ad space or ad slot is the supply of advertising opportunities for advertisers to display ads

Every product has its own life span right ? in this case lifespan of ad inventory which is the source of ad impressions is in milliseconds


Who are the creators of that product?

So Creators are the Publishers and available in various forms like websites, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Podcasts, Search Engines, and so on

They create content by leaving few ad spaces

They choose ad inventory from leftover spaces

Sell that spaces to earn revenue

With that Ad Inventory, Publisher earns and Maximize Revenue

We call them Sellers and they are on Supply-side business who make business out of Ad Inventory


Seller is the one who creates the content and earns revenue by having ad spaces which are available along with that content and that player is the publisher

While Buyer is the one who purchases that ad space and the player is Advertisers or Brands


Thank you very much for your time

We will discuss more Publisher in detail in the next post


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