In this post, we are going to cover Publisher

In the previous post, we have already discussed the fundamental concept, Ad Inventory.

The publisher is a player in this ecosystem and Source of Ad Inventories and Plays an important role in creating Advertising Opportunities for Advertisers

“A publisher is a person or company that creates content and offers to the public”

With a lot of efforts, dedication, and hard work, he creates content for the sake of the audience and increase traffic



Programmatic Advertising is related to Digital Media Advertising, We shall focus only on Digital Media and we can say the publisher is a source of Digital Media

Also, we can call them as Media owner

Example: Times of India website, My YouTube channel with my content, and mobile apps, games app, etc.,


Publisher’s content can available in various forms

Social Media
Web site or blog
Creates Apps to get the users downloading his app
Videos on websites
Digital Audio, Podcasts
OTT platforms
Search Engine
Online games and so on

Publisher’s content available in various forms is to get the audience wherever they visit


What’s the Publisher’s Motive

He sells every available ad inventory created in media as much as possible

With every useful content published, this makes the audience to subscribe his media

He makes every efforts to earn revenue out of his published content by selling created ad inventory

With the ad technology, finds the best methods and ways, and tries to maximize the profit

An ad is shown to a user at a single point of time, then it is called Ad impression
Every Ad inventory is a source of ad impressions

For single page view, Here sony ad shown in two slots recorded one impression each and Lenovo in one ad slot with one impression, totally 3 impressions in this page
When you refresh the page another new 3 impressions gets recorded


How Publisher Ad Inventory is defined?

We shall discuss with a real-time example

For example, you have 1 acre of land in your area. Let’s divide it into 4 parts. Where one part of the land is occupied by your own house which is one-fourth section of total land space.

Let’s assume that you planned to earn money from the remaining three spaces,
Space 1,2,3
Let’s assume that you have given space 1 with a building for rent to someone for a certain amount and earn per day basis

In Space 2 you have sports ground and charge per hour for every person
In space 3 also given to someone for rent and they grow apples over here and you charge for every month
Now, Let’s apply the same concept for an online publisher

Your own house can be compared with your own website and you are the media owner.
And it has spaces created for advertisers to display their ads for some value and you can earn revenue from it

Space 1 has one ad
Similarly space 2 and 3

As we have seen in the real-time example, you as a landowner, every second or every hour or day is valuable and gives revenue opportunity

And for Customer: Every Second per space is a source of Living or Promotional Opportunity


Similarly, for Publisher: Every impression per Ad space is a source of Revenue Opportunity

And for Advertiser: Every impression per Ad space is a source of Ad Opportunity

So every impression is valuable and can generate revenue out of it. Instead of serving no ads,

We can earn at least 1 cent for the very least valuable ads too.
Because something is better than nothing


Thank you so much for your time

Hope you learned new concepts and will discuss more publisher in the next post

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